Rock music, History, Environment and Animals

Lizard straddling the strings and pick-ups of a Fender Stratocaster Sunburst solid bodied electric guitar

Hi. I’m British, an average guitar player, who has an interest in music, nature, wildlife, steam locomotives, lighthouses and history. My weakness is a liking for Real Ale. If I could I’d invite you across for a drink, a chat, and put the world to rights. …

From Bombsites to Rock and Roll

Lizard straddling the strings and pick-ups of a Fender Stratocaster Sunburst solid bodied electric guitar

I live in a small English seaside town a few minutes walk from the beach, in an area many describe as ‘the back of beyond’. …

A Cat In The Street Story

I’m known as The Cat in our street

Image of a cat stretched out in the sunshine laid asleep on a pathway

Nobody knows my name; they refer to me as The Cat in our street.

Where’s he from? How did he get here? Who looks after him?

Yes, I’m The Cat in the street. In fact, I was here before there was a street, but that’s another story.

I know everything…

Double Riff Challenge First Album And Stereo

Recollections of Music and the political tensions of the early 60s

Image of the 1963 Album cover of Coral recording ‘Reminiscing’ by Buddy Holly, with photo of Buddy Holly seated in a airplane near the window

Terry Barr recently wrote a neat piece about his first album and first stereo, and so began another Riff challenge. Here’s my two penn’orth — opinion on the subject.

In 1963 I was twelve years old when I bought my first album, or LP (long-playing record). They were expensive and…

A Rookie cop’s first night alone on the beat

Image of a night time street scene in an English town where the road and paths are damp from evening rain and capture the reflections of street lights

Walking these mean streets, it’s amazing what goes through your mind when there’s almost complete silence at night, and you’re alone. The streets of this rural market town are hardly mean, well, not until the weekend, according to our Custody Officer, Sgt Walker.

It might look like Sleepy Hollow, but…

I'm still clinging to my hope that my Premium Bonds will come up big-style one day Penny the meantime I enjoying writing for The Riff....small mercies....

He sure was funny and he sure told the truth

Image of a photograph of the arrest by police  of comedian Lenny Bruce c.1961 and a image of a poster of a play ‘Freedom Of Speech’

We all have our favourites. Favourite colours, clothes, cars and comedians, the list is endless. Favourite singers, favourite songs, and the singers who sang those songs.

You get lucky when you hear a song sung by one of the greatest songwriters of all time, who also just happens to be…

Inventor of Signals and Pioneer of Nautical Fiction and Children’s stories

Image of a portrait of Captain Frederick Marryat by John Philip Simpson 1826 with a A Code of Signals (Flags) for the Merchant Service either side of his portrait.

Captain Frederick Marryat, born in 1792, came from a privileged background, ensuring a comfortable life. His father was chairman of Lloyds of London, a rich, wealthy merchant, banker, and a Member of Parliament.

Yet, as a young boy, Frederick repeatedly tried to run away to sea. Eventually, in 1806 at…

In response to The Weekly Special Oct 4–10 Concept Spark

Image of black and white photograph of rock singer Buddy Holly

Music. It was my first love. Not just any music, but rock and roll music. The artist — Buddy Holly, a twenty two year old singer from Lubbock, Texas. The song — ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’. …

A poetic response to The Daily Special — October 4th

An image of Fraisthorpe beach, looking north towards Bridlington, where still there are reminders of the Second World War, with abandoned concrete pill boxes and anti-tank blocks placed among the sand dunes

On the beach watching the tide roll in
On the beach leaving footprints in soft sand
On the beach sanderlings scurry like clockwork toys
On the beach stones gather warmth from the sun
On the beach my fingers caress the smoothness of a pebble
On the beach wondering how it got here and how far…

David Acaster

British, retired, loves reptiles & amphibians, keen on history, steam locomotives, travel, real ale and still trying to master that Fender Stratocaster.

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