As you know Randy I love small town America. And

Great Britain consists of just England, Wales and Scotland, whereas the United Kingdom also includes Northern Ireland. It all very confusing even for Village People re Villages, towns and Hamlets. I lived in a village with a population of 17,000, yet only a few miles away a place with a Pop of 10k was a town because it had a Mayor and my village didn't. Generally a city has a Lord Mayor and a Cathedral, but my hometown Hull, which was a City for over a hundred years had no Cathedral. I've seen some places in the Southwest USA that consider themselves a town and they aren't as big as an English village! I think Hamlets are easy as they isolated out of the way rural places, often with no pub, shop or post office, but probably have a church or chapel. Heck Peter Noone started all this, wow!

British, retired, loves reptiles & amphibians, keen on history, steam locomotives, travel, real ale and still trying to master that Fender Stratocaster.

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