Your title sums it up pretty well. There is a problem with MSM/MSN....they used to Report news (in the 'olden days', I've been around a long time), but for awhile now they make the news fit whatever angle sells a good story, usually exposing their political views and bias.

Don't know if it's the same in other countries but in Britain more people get their Daily Intake of news from Indepenent sources & YouTube channels than the BBC/Ch4 etc.

In fact in the past 12 months over 750,000 have cancelled their BBC tv licence (£159 a year subscription) and the have joined the millions who have kicked this organisation into touch. Soon the BBC will be defunded and have to survive without taxpayers money.

You've got to ask yourself why would anyone watch endless channels of news when you could be doing something useful like writing for Medium or taking exercise.

Most sensible people know what's what in the world and keep up to date without MSM and yet some folks believe it must be true 'cos' I read it in the newspaper'. Whose truth is it anyway?

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